About Grigsby Vineyard

On this small patch of earth, cast in the shadow of the mighty Vaca Mountains, my forebear, John Grigsby, first farmed this land in 1846. Today, we organically farm and tend to each vine by hand, listening and responding to what this vineyard asks of us. Each Grigsby Vineyard wine is a reflection of our dedicated farming and storied history.

A Legacy of Winemaking

Our family's farming legacy dates to the fertile hills of Tennessee in the early 19th century. In 1846, our forebear, John Grigsby, first cultivated land in the Napa Valley. Today, we proudly carry forward his pioneering spirit, ensuring that each vine is nurtured by our own hands.

We have embraced the art of organic farming, honoring the soil that sustains us and nurturing each vine with care. Every bottle of Grigsby Vineyard wine reflects our commitment to farming excellence and the storied history that has shaped us. Each sip is a journey through time.

Farming & Stewardship

To the east, the Vaca Mountain range ascends. Imposing bedrock pokes through the earth, which over thousands of years has now become the soil we organically farm with. The setting sun casts over the Mayacamas mountain range to the west and fills the vineyard with translucent light.

We use fresh large format oak to act as a blank canvas allowing the wine to take center stage. We rack only when the wine speaks to us and bottle unfined and unfiltered, earlier than most, allowing for more time in the bottle than the barrel.


The Grigsby Vineyard family is a passionate group, deeply rooted in their love for wine and the picturesque Napa Valley. They have nurtured the vineyard with unwavering dedication, turning it into a true labor of love.

With a shared vision of producing wines that reflect the essence of the region, the Grigsby family welcomes all who visit their vineyard as part of their extended family. Their warm hospitality and genuine love of the soil is evident in every bottle.

Grigsby Vineyard

We invite you to become part of our story, where every glass is an opportunity to experience the heritage that defines Grigsby Vineyard.

Grigsby Vineyard in Napa Valley